Showroom Traffic

Adapting Processes To Address Drop In Showroom Traffic

During these unprecedented times, it has been amazing to watch humans adapt and grow around the tight restrictions that are in place, finding ways to shift their processes and adjust their offerings to enable businesses to continue running.

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Modern Advertising

‘Always On’ Key To Modern Advertising

Consumer behaviour is ever-changing, and in the automotive industry it is becoming increasingly evident that, unlessdealers adapt with customers’ expectations, they will be left behind. We’ve all heard the stats. According to Google Data, 93 per cent of car purchases today are digitally influenced. .

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Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking: An Essential Dealership Tool

How do you truly know where your customers are coming from and which of your advertising is delivering the greatest return?

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Digital Leads

Digital Leads: Require T.l.c But Deliver Greater R.O.I.

columns, the new generation of customer behaves differently to those of the past, preferring to have control over the way they communicate with a new provider.

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Digital Foundation

Establishing Your Digital Foundations

As we’ve explored in previous columns, today’s competitive automotive market requires dealers to be running continuous digital advertising campaigns to ensure they reach customers at every stage of the buying journey. However, what is the point of investing in advertising, if your marketing foundations aren’t in place? You wouldn’t spend...

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