Believe it or not, there is a very common form of advertising that won’t cost you a cent but is highly effective at driving traffic to your website and customers through your door. It's your Google Business Profile.

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Retargeting Digital Audio Audiences

Very few consumers will purchase a product the first time they see an ad for it. Retargeting allows you to remain front of mind, throughout the consideration phase of the purchasing journey in order to ensure you capture those customers when they are ready to convert.

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digital health check

How’s Your Digital Health?

A regular, comprehensive digital health check is essential for ensuring that the business’ online presence is making the right impression with the right audiences, adapting to shifting trends, and maximizing ROI. But what exactly should a digital health check include?

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Can You DIY Ad Campaigns?

Many dealers think that it’s easier and cheaper to keep their ad management in-house. However there are a number of benefits to hiring a specialised agency that far outweigh any upfront costs.

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Selling More With What You’ve Already Got

Dealers are always looking for more leads. What they don’t realise is that they probably already have ample enquires coming in. Due to poor handling however, many of the leads are being lost. We have a solution to this problem.

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GA4 will supersede the Universal Analytics service

New Era Of Web Analytics

How does Google Analytics 4 differ from its predecessors? and what benefits is the automotive industry going to gain from it?

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Consolidate. Integrate. Automate.

We are beyond the age of relying on dealership staff to manually enter lead information and remember to follow up customers. It is time to consolidate your data by integrating your technology so that it all works seamlessly together and automates a lot of your internal processes.

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Top Advertising Trends for 2023

A list of what we believe the industry’s most successful marketers will be including in this year’s advertising strategy to stay ahead of their competitors

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Pre-Owned Dealer Inventory

Perfect Your Pre-Owned Pricing

ALICE's new inventory pricing screen allows dealers to see how their stock is priced compared with the rest of the market.

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Urgent Action Required By All Website Owners

AdTorque Edge recommends all website owners register a new website domain or risk being victims of cybercrime.

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key ways to modernise website

Four Key Ways To Modernise Your Website

Our experts recommend how car dealers can modernise their website in order to improve customer experience and maximise sales opportunities.

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Tech Solution Replaces Classifieds Trawl

A new suite of tools has been launched on the market that will help dealers source and price more pre-owned stock for their yard and will reduce the time spent trawling classified.

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