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Drive more leads from your homepage

Why Adtorque Edge?

  • Trade-in Valuation tool
  • Credit score tool
  • Online service check-in
  • Generate more leads

AdTorque Edge offers a range of innovative new ways to engage more customers with our industry-leading website tools.

Increase your used stock and generate more sales opportunities by offering customers a quick and easy way to value their existing vehicle on your homepage. Allow your website visitors to get their finance score and log a lead with your F&I Department. Reduce service department congestion and provide a contactless option for customers with our Online Service Check-In tool.

Trade-In Valuation Tool

Increase used car inventory and sales opportunities with this new website feature.

  • Easy to use – all customer needs is their rego number
  • More used car inventory with increase in valuation requests
  • Each trade-in presents new sale opportunity for the dealership
  • Can be added to any website, regardless of hosting provider

Credit Score Tool

Drive more leads into your F&I Department by giving customers the opportunity to check their Credit score on your website.

  • Quick and easy Credit score look-up for customers
  • Increase dealership’s finance leads, as customers can log online quote request
  • Improve penetration- customers will be considering your finance before entering the showroom
  • Can be added to any website, regardless of hosting provider

Online Service Check-in Tool

Improve your dealership’s MSI and increase efficiency by allowing customers to check-in vehicles for service using their phone.

  • Efficiency – reduces Service Department congestion and frees up staff in peak periods
  • Customer Convenience – delivers a quick and easy vehicle drop off process. No need to queue
  • Upsell Opportunity – provides option to sell additional products and services online
  • Contactless – removes need for human contact, minimising health risks