Tame Your Inbound Phone Leads

Telephony Leads

Tame your inbound phone leads

Why Adtorque Edge?

  • Measure ROI on campaigns
  • Track SEM keywords
  • Reduce missed calls
  • Improve sales skills

For a truly successful marketing campaign, you need the ability to measure results.

Call tracking allows you to have full visibility on where your telephone leads are coming from and attribute conversions back to the advertising source, so you can measure your return on investment, and adjust keywords and budgets accordingly.

Our in-house call tracking solution also records phone calls and flags missed calls, giving you the ability to train your sales staff and call back lost customers - improving your dealership’s conversion rates.

Our Work


A metro Mazda dealership was trying to understand what was generating telephone calls. They also wanted to improve the call handling skills of their sales staff with the aim of reducing missed call volumes.


We introduced a multi-line phone attribution system that identified advertising channel through which customers had come. We also utilise call recordings to train and improve the team’s sales skills, and introduced missed call alerts.


The dealership achieved the following results:

Missed call rate dropped from 27% to 4%
The redirected their advertising spend toward display & SEM for optimal ROI
Inbound call handling improved significantly