Ian Creak, well known and respected motor dealer for over thirty years and the previous owner and Dealer Principle of “Pennant Hills Ford” has endured a three year ordeal in and out of the courts in an action instigated by the NSW Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in conjunction with Channel 7.

On the 8th of August 2014 in the district court his Honor Judge Stephen Handley upheld the appeal and set the matters in the local court aside.

An acquittal, all charges dismissed.

After the verdict outside the court, Ian Creak said “it has been a very difficult 3 years I am glad it is now over. The wonderful support I received from literally hundreds in our industry has been most gratifying and I sincerely thank them all. The ‘trial by media’ from Channel 7, clearly has been shown to lack any substance or truth. Justice has won out against seemingly impossible odds, against a State government department.

The NSW Office Of Fair Trading relied on the evidence from what they describe as “persons of dubious character.” The vendors of the only two cars in question in the case, one is now serving a 3 year sentence while the other is facing 400 counts of fraud .

Bailey Compton solicitor for Mr Creak said “it is astonishing that the regulator chose to accept such unreliable witnesses instead of accepting compelling evidence that has now totally vindicated Ian Creak and his company, after three long years.”

Judge Hanley launched a scathing attack against the ‘Office of Fair Trading’ questioning their motives and conduct by bringing this matter to trial.

It is understood a defamation case against Channel 7 is still before the courts.