When featuring your products or services online a popular alternative to writing a long-form article is creating a video. Short videos will increase the time customers will spend on your website and are a highly effective method for conveying company messages. To boost your organic ranking on search engines consider creating a branded YouTube channel and sharing your engaging content with visitors to your business website. The following helpful methods will aid your success from using video in your online marketing.

Don’t Fear The Smartphone

Our Smartphones are versatile tools that help us do everything from surfing social media to ordering a pizza at the local takeaway. Their portability makes them a handy option for shooting a video of your business, and most Smartphones will even let you upload your recordings straight onto your YouTube channel. Interestingly 49% of YouTube users trust user-generated video to the same degree as professionally shot video. Here are some other points to keep in mind:

  • Shoot video horizontally as vertical videos don’t translate well on YouTube.
  • Tripods, microphones and other hardware can be purchased to improve the video quality.
  • The shorter your video is the more likely your audience will watch its entirety. Now that YouTube ranks videos by their watch length, having a shorter video can also help your ranking.

Inform Potential Customers

Potential customers are researching online, wanting to find out what your business does and how it is relevant to them. In fact 54% use YouTube to find out more about a topic, while 30% use YouTube specifically for researching a potential purchase. The ideal videos will explain your products or service, and show why your business is better than the competition. 1 in 3 YouTube users will change their opinion of a brand after watching a category related video. With that in mind customer reviews are helpful in demonstrating your business is transparent, and show the real value you can provide potential prospects.

Showcase A Product Or Service

Studies show Australian YouTube users consider brands that advertise on YouTube to be moreinnovative, current and dynamic, so as well as learning about the type of business you are, a video that shows a consumer firsthand how your product or service can impact them will also make viewers more inclined to buy from you. 3 out of 5 YouTube users say product and service videos influence their purchasing decisions. This gives your business a great opportunity to promote brand loyalty and boost engagement via online video.

Titles Are Vital

YouTube video titles have a 100-character limit so it’s important to make them user friendly and optimised for search engines. Clear and descriptive titles using relevant business keywords will help your videos rank higher in search engines such as Google, who only look at the text surrounding a video to judge its ranking. Trigger words like “about”, “review” and “how to”, along with keywords relevant to your business video will help increase views.

How To Embed YouTube Videos On Your Site

Once your video is uploaded to YouTube it’s fairly easy to add it to your own website using the embed code generated:

1. From your Video Manager in YouTube, open up the particular video you’d like to feature on your site.

2. Click on the “Share” button underneath the video.

3. Choose the “Embed” option and you will see code generated. Cut and past the HTML code to the page where you’d like to feature your video.

YouTube Embed Screenshot

Any videos you upload to your website describing your business, product and services will be a useful tool in keeping customers on your page for longer, meaning more potential sales.

This post is courtesy of ReachLocal.