How Ad Headlines, Pictures, and Ad Copy Impact Results with Facebook Advertising

Over at the AfterMarketer Club’s website they posted a great article on how promoting parts on Facebook generated wildly different results and fan interactions.  Keep reading to find out why these two ads with the same budget, brand, and target demographics had such hugely different results.

AIRAID Facebook Ads Graph New Fans

The executives at AIRAID knew they needed a stronger Facebook presence. People loved their performance enhancing cold air intake systemsfilters, and spacers that they sold through their website and to dealers across the country. However, their Facebook page had almost no fan interaction and less than 600 fans.

Recognizing the potential of having thousands of loyal fans that they could interact with and sell to at any time, AIRAID decided that turning their Facebook page into a success was a priority for their business.

To accomplish this, they asked Brian Offenberger and the AfterMarketer Club team to design an ad program that would generate lots of new fans. Not only that, they wanted to make sure that they were getting fans that were the most likely to turn into customers.

How AfterMarketer Club Affordably Increased Facebook Fans

The team at AfterMarketer Club quickly realized that AIRAID was the perfect candidate for a Facebook Advertising campaign. Their products were exciting, they already had a free hat giveaway to use in fan signups, and they were willing to make the investment necessary to succeed.

AIRAID LogoTo design a campaign that worked, AIRAID was asked questions such as:

  • What are the demographics of your customers?
  • What one customer segment would you most like to reach?
  • What are the main motivations for buying your products?
  • How much are you willing to spend to make your Facebook page a success?
  • How are you different than your competition?
  • Why should a consumer spend their money with you instead of the other guy?

Eventually it was decided that, based on AIRAID’s budget and ideas, the campaign would target male fans of the 2010 Chevy Camaro in the United States between the ages of 18 and 64. The Camaro is a car that is known for its excellent fans that want to go fast and are willing to invest in the parts to make that happen. There are also several thousand Camaro fans in this demographic to target on Facebook.

With that customer segment in mind, it was just a matter of creating the right ad that would get people to take action.

The Results

The first ad AfterMarketer Club tried turned out to be a complete flop. Using traditional advertising tactics requested by the client, the ad ran for 5 days but had zero clicks. Not a single new Facebook fan came out of their advertising campaign over those 5 days.

AfterMarketer Club then decided to create a new ad from the ground up. Choosing to focus on the interests of Camaro owners and employ a modern approach to Facebook advertising, rather than focus on the AIRAID brand, the new ads were an instant success.

Over the course of just five days, the ad received 222 clicks and a whopping 121 new fans on a budget of only $3.25 per day.

Even more exciting for AIRAID, the second ad (and a duplicate ad that shows a red Camaro instead of a black one) has, over the course of two weeks, created 262 new fans for their Facebook page!

Why Ad #1 Didn’t Work

AIRAID Facebook Ad One

This was the first ad that was run for AIRAID and pulled after five days with absolutely no success. So why did this ad fail? After all, everyone likes free stuff, don’t they? Here’s why:

  • AIRAID is not a household name. While people who know quality cold air intake systems are familiar with the company, the average Camaro owner isn’t. People may be interested in a free Camaro hat but an AIRAID hat is a tougher sell.
  • Headline doesn’t capture anybody’s attention. Facebook ads only work by quickly capturing peoples’ attention with things that they are interested in. The headline “Free AIRAID Hat!” is only relevant if someone is already a big fan of AIRAID products.
  • The picture is not an attention grabber. Car guys don’t pay attention to pictures of hats; they pay attention to pictures of cool cars. If your picture doesn’t draw people’s eyes to your ad text, they’ll never read it.
  • The ad text is not in line with the demographics’ wants. These ads were targeted at Camaro fans, not hat aficionados. This ad made an actionable offer, which is good, but it wasn’t a relevant one.

Simply put, this ad just wasn’t relevant or enticing to the audience it was going after. Even though people like free things, they just didn’t have any reason to want a hat promoting a company that they didn’t know anything about.

Why Ad #2 Succeeded

AIRAID Facebook Ad Two

This ad has seen massive success since we first released it and it’s no wonder why. Here’s what it does right:

  • Has a relevant, compelling headline. If you are a Camaro owner, there’s no doubt that you would pay attention to a “Camaro Owners Alert.” Headlines should immediately spark interest in the rest of the advertisement.
  • Picture is an attention grabber. Naturally a nice looking Camaro is going to capture the interest of people that have identified themselves as fans of that specific car. The picture is the first thing most people will notice about an ad so it’s important to have one that gets attention.
  • Focuses on the desires of Camaro owners. As any performance car guy knows, nothing is more important than adding additional horsepower to your vehicle. By promising what your customers want most, you compel them to check out your offer.
  • Good use of a call to action. You’ll notice we left the hat offer in the advertisement. That’s because it serves as a compelling reason to become a fan of AIRAID. Ad #2 showed people what the company was about. People were much more interested in getting an AIRAID hat when they knew that AIRAID stood for increased horsepower and better performance.

How AIRAID Continues To Improve Their Results

AIRAID Facebook Ad Variation

While the company couldn’t be more pleased with the results from their initial ad, much more is being done to create even more success in the future. Here’s how AIRAID will continue to prosper using Facebook:

  • Regularly test new ad variations. While Ad #2 has done remarkably well, there is always room for improvement. By testing different wording, different pictures (like the red Camaro to the right), and even new offers, AIRAID will be able to develop even more successful ads.
  • Target new customer segments. AIRAID makes cold air intake systems for a number of different makes and models of vehicle. With the basic ad formula created, they can now create ads for each of the different types of vehicle they sell and, using Facebook’s targeting features, direct them to the owners of those specific vehicles.
  • Retain fans and turn them into customers. Getting people to “like” your company is just the first step. With the huge influx of new fans that AIRAID is getting, we’ve advised them on how to keep people engaged and convert them into customers. Here are our recommendations:
    • Conduct contests that encourage people to post on their own walls. This entices people’s friends to “like” AIRAID and also increases fan engagement.
    • Regularly post engaging status updates that encourage fan interaction. This can include questions about performance parts, auto related news, and tips on improving horsepower.
    • Periodically post special offers, coupons, and information on new products to encourage sales.
    • Directly identify and engage with fans that express interest in the products that AIRAID sells.

Using these tactics, AIRAID has already begun to see even more new fans, and increase their sales using Facebook. However, a Facebook page isn’t about short term gains; it’s about creating a long term community of loyal customers. AIRAID can expect to see far greater returns in the coming months and years.

How You Can Succeed With Facebook Advertising


While there is no cookie cutter one size fits all approach to Facebook Advertising, you can apply many of the lessons from AIRAID’s success to your own advertising efforts. Here are some of the most important ideas for you to take from this study:

  • Don’t give up too soon. The first ad that AIRAID used was a colossal failure. It didn’t get a single click! If they’d given up then, they would have never discovered what actually works. Just because your first ad doesn’t work, doesn’t mean you can’t make a lot of money with Facebook.
  • Always test ads against each other. Sometimes small ad changes can make big differences in your results. By creating multiple ads and putting them head-to-head, you’ll learn exactly what works and what doesn’t.
  • Target specific customer segments. Facebook allows you to be incredibly specific about whom you target with ads. By carefully segmenting your potential customers, you can create ads that are relevant to them and that they are more likely to click on.
  • Understand what your potential customers want. Understanding what people are actually interested in lets you craft ads that capture their attention most effectively. Performance car people want horsepower a lot more than they want hats. What do your customers want the most?
  • Create compelling headlines. A compelling headline gets people to keep reading your ad. Your headline should tell people who the ad is for and make them want to read more. You only have about 1 second to capture their attention. Make your headline count.
  • Use pictures that tell a story. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of Facebook advertising, it’s worth a lot more than that. Most people don’t want to read ads, and if they do, it’s only because one caught their eye while they were looking for something else. Pictures should tell people what your ad is all about. It needs to be relevant and interesting to your audience so they will read the rest of the ad and then take action.
  • Write actionable ad copy. If your headline and picture did their job, people will move on to your ad text to decide if they want to take action. You need to use these one or two short sentences to offer something of value and convince the reader to take your desired action. This is where understanding your customers’ desires helps you succeed.


AIRAID Comments On Their Results

Brian Paravicini of AIRAID“We always knew that social media was going to become more and more of a mainstream media outlet for our industry and our company. When we decided to create our Facebook page we did so with little positive impact. After contacting and contracting Chris and his team at Aftermarketer Club we soon started to see the positive results that we were looking for from our AIRAID Facebook page. With the use of Facebook advertising and the ability to search your target demographic we were soon able to find and connect with customers and end consumers that were genuinely interested in the automotive aftermarket and more importantly us, AIRAID.”

-Brian Paravicini, Inside Sales Manager, AIRAID

Can You Do This?

Absolutely. Facebook advertising can be done for incredibly cheap (less than a dollar a day if you wish) and there is not much downside to trying it. Follow the advice given in this study, understand your objectives, and thoroughly test your ads and you should succeed in no time!

Of course, if your company needs help with affordable Facebook Advertising, we’re happy to assist you.

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