Using Facebook only for fan pages for your customers and spending all your digital ad spend with Google is incorrect.  Facebook is where your customers are for many hours per day, and–despite Google’s additional audience from Google+’s much-smaller social media presence–advertising on Facebook can be more effective than Google.  And it should be the strongest addition to your digital ad spend.

Why Facebook is the Most Important Digital Ad Spend for Dealers to Make.

The first key point is understanding that Facebook is where people are connecting with each other, where people are chronicling their lives and the lives of friends and family.  Nothing like Facebook has existed before—and so digital advertising on Facebook keys in on important purchase factors far earlier in the buying cycle than Google.  And far more effectively, and thus less obtrusively, because Facebook advertising follows the flow of people’s lives, rather than sitting sidesaddle on those lives as Google does.

Sidesaddle?  Yes.  Specifically, Google is ready when targets email folks using Google Gmail about their possible car purchase, or when they have reached a decision to investigate via search results.  Essentially, with Google your targets are further down the sales funnel BUT are not involved in the funnel.  They simply reach for it when they are ready and reachonly for Google’s funnel, which is large . . . but nowhere near as large as Facebook’s.  And nowhere near a part of their very lives—really, for Facebook digital advertising, the sales funnel for targets is always ready and already there:  In fact, in the case of Facebook digital ad spend, Facebook IS the sales funnel!

As well, the target group in Facebook is larger, first by the fact that Facebook is huge and users can be on any email system, not just Google’s, but can still communicate via Facebook email and timeline events to all their friends in Facebook.  And they therefore do so in a cross-platform manner–and nearly constantly, if the truth be known, so that content can always guide Facebook’s advertising.

Therefore, while your targets are organizing and notating on events, on friend’s and family’s Facebook walls, fan pages, and of course using a very, very strong gaming component, you can advertise based on their activities.  And not be riding your on isolated decisions for a later Google email or search.  In Facebook digital advertising, you as the advertiser are *participating* in your target’s lives, needs, wants in ways Google nor anyone else can match.  The strength and impact of that is enormous.

Oh, yes, don’t forget:  What about mobile?  Facebook dominates as an app on mobile phones.  And your targets who are on phones seeing mobile ads are IN MARKET like no other source in history.  Who do you want to be with on Mobile?  Your dance card had better include Facebook.

How does this apply to dealerships?  It’s huge.  Long before someone decides to search for a car, or even emails a friend about a car, on Facebook they have liked their friend’s car purchase and new-car pictures, talked about the two highest-performing life events for car purchases (new child and house closing), etc.  And, like Google, Facebook watches content to alert for advertising, but, unlike Google—nay, a universe BEYOND Google—Facebook ads are presented at the earliest and strongest discussion touch points for the target consumers.  They are part of the “stream of life” and flow along to actual purchase in a natural way.  In the most influential ways.  And in ways Google may never achieve, even with Google+.

Do you want the strongest results from your digital ad spend?  Then be a part of your prospects’ and customer’s lives in Facebook’s digital advertising.  Available data strongly shows Facebook digital advertising as more effective than Google’s and that it is also very valuable for sales (both vehicle and service) to your …

And I’m not saying abandon Google!  Not yet, anyway, and not soon, as search is still very, very important and likely will remain so.  However, Facebook digital advertising puts you in the position of being known and experienced by your targets long before they do any Google search.  Do you want to be the partner along the life they know in Facebook or the one they search for in Google?  Don’t you want to be both?

Sure you do!  Now go get those Facebook ads started!!