What are YOUR Content Marketing Triggers

Every Piece of Content a Car Dealer or Automotive Marketing
Professional Publishes Starts With a Trigger… What’s Yours?

One of the ideas that several Automotive Marketers have developed to think about content marketing is the idea of content building blocks – key dealership business and marketing communication objectives, along with the tactical elements that every car dealer and automotive marketing professional needs to address in the content they create and distribute using any channel, including social media and user generated content (UGC) sites, such as YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, etc.. 

This post is an edited version of an article written by Chris Bolman


There is always an internal or external catalyst for a piece of content being published by any marketing professional, including car dealers and their marketing resources.

This is what Chris Bolman and his team at the marketing agency “Percolate” call a trigger… The trigger is whatever the reasons are for creating and publishing the content in the first place.

A trigger must lead to a desired outcome: (what do you want the content to do?)

  • Stimulate customers into posting reviews about your dealership?
  • Assuage angry customers after a service contract provider goes bankrupt?
  • Stay ahead of breaking news about another GM recall?
  • Demonstrate leadership in the auto industry and local car market?
  • Create awareness of a new model in a category new to your dealership?
  • Attract attention of car buyers and capture leads from a specific customer segment?

Your trigger provides the inspiration, motivation and incentive to do the work and assign the resources necessary to create, publish and distribute the content, whether it be articles, blog posts, videos, images, illustrations, Infographics, photographs or anything else.

What are YOUR Content Marketing Triggers
Altimeter’s four quadrants of communication

Ultimately these triggers will fall into one of the four quadrants of real-time marketing shown above. Historically brands have been really good at the top right (brand campaign) and have been getting to know the bottom left (customer service) via social. Where things get interesting is in the other two quadrants, where you use situational cues, trending activity and user generated content as triggers to create new brand content.

What are YOUR Content Marketing Triggers
Four quadrants of automotive marketing activity

Get a handle on making better use of triggers by thinking of them as the way to help car dealers solve for the classic blank box problem:

“what should I say to my audience that’s interesting, relevant, valuable and compelling?”

A trigger could be an auto show or some other event that’s happening within your area when one of the car companies your dealership represents will be in your area, or a trending link or topic from the web discovered via a Google alert you had set up… An interesting Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) that could lead to increased customer service interactions, or an idea shared by one of the sales staff during your dealership’s weekly sales meetings.

 Without a clear trigger, your content doesn’t have a purpose.